A wise man philosophy

Nothing is ever to much or not enough

Nothing is to big or to small

To a wise man who sees all

Nothing is a problem

Everything has a solution

Everything can be changed

Though things happen for a reason

A wise man embraces all seasons

As well as emotions and well as feelings

A wise man knows he knows nothing at all

He an alien to pride so never suffers a fall

A wise stands for all that matters

And a wise man always stands tall

For those who feel ineffectual and small

But a wise man knows forgiveness

In the same way as he knows to love all.

6 thoughts on “A wise man philosophy

      1. Did you fall away from Catholicism? I did twice now I’m at calvary Chapel. and the whole Bible. That is much more appropriate for life and heaven. God wants us to be saved not just be part of a church that says we’re it, but isn’t. Jesus is important faith in Him because he sets a standard and will be our judge. To turn from our sin and lead a holy life, His Holy Spirit helps and gives gifts to men. Go to a Bible believing church, study, you’ll see.

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