Meek maybe, weak never

As a meek man I shoulder burdens

But don’t confuse me with being a weak man

I stand for those who can’t stand on their own

But I don’t need no crown or throne

I stand up and speak for those with no voice

Representing those who lack choice

I stand side by side with my kindred folk

Yet I remain unique as well as bespoke

I love humanity along with this earth and its ecology

So I stand as a protector of these

Even when measured against power I may come up meek

I use all my attributes so as not be weak

I stand up for the rights for all

And the belief that we are all free

To do, to be and to see,

Life in our own way existentially

We all view everything in a conscious unique reality

So what’s true for you may not be for me

But it shouldn’t stop us living in harmony.

One thought on “Meek maybe, weak never

  1. After reading this, I would add that you’re a STRONG person. Anyone that stands up for those who have no voice, the oppressed, has a huge heart. I commend you for that. Beautiful poem! 🙂


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