Words books and you

I pore over words as I would your body

Slowly, taking it all in and reading between the lines

And absorbing, every little facet and detail

Getting the very most out of thing, that I see

Laid out there right before me

Appreciating the touch and the texture

Paper is like skin to me, smooth, but creating electric

Charges through my finger tips

Yes sometimes when I read I move my lips

And on you yes I would definitely kiss

Aspects of you when I am in full flow

Like a book, once I start I won’t be able to stop

Or put it down, the excitement is to profound

I want images that staying my head

Creating memories of being right there

Feeling when I am at the end, exhausted

And thinking, now what am I going to do?

Read it again? Or find volume number two

And hope it’s as good as the first time that’s the truth.

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