Appreciating nature and creation


Do you, when making your way through life each day

Appreciate the things nature sends our way,

Do you appreciate the sun and rain

Both life giving in their own way,

Do you appreciate the beautification

And do you show your gratification

Do you understand how creation works

All life is linked together in this world

This earth is a planet of fine balance

So nurturing and protecting is a vital understanding

If you keep taking and never giving back

Then the balance will surely be lacking

So take a moment and stop throughout your day

See the trees that you think get in the way

Of a great view and the great view

If only you were wise enough to see this truth

Look at all the wild plants and flowers in full bloom

Smothered in butterflies and bees this is picturesque to me and you

But is an important function to pollination

To keep generating other plants forged by creation

Creation did not stop when it made me and you

It keeps on working everyday in truth

So give blessing to creation and appreciate its nature

All became possible because nothing is wasted

Nature recycles all natural substances back into the earth

It’s only man made stuff that hurts the world.

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