Then and now


I grew up through the 70’s

So I know all about sexist misogyny

About racism enacted casually

And although blind to this because it seemed the norm

I still grew up happily

But today these aspects have crept back in

Except with much more hate and venom

In certain sectors of society

But now I am not blind to this and I see

How it divides and causes acrimony

Among people of different colour and beliefs

Or based on being left or right wing.

I remember back in the 70’s it being more misguided banter

But used against people not used to this

I don’t believe it was meant as hate filled as it is today

I am not sure what brought about this change

We always had immigration even back in the day

I think it’s something Filtering down from the top

And this is something that should stop

And yes the Internet has to share in the blame

It doesn’t excuse how badly people behave

And act out unacceptable displays of hate

We need to try and recreate a fair and just place to be

One based on togetherness, tolerance and unity.

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