Old drunken fop

A sad tale of an old drunken fop

Turned to booze when his life flopped

And he lost his way, trying to numb the pain

A spirit soaked soul with no future at all

Oh! how life can be so cruel

Does anyone deserve to end up like this?

Living rough on the street as if he does not exist

He had a house a family he had it all

But somehow he’s ended up with nothing, what a fall

From grace it has been for him

Nobody knows why nobody questions

They just say it must all be down solely to him

And he no longer feels or cries

For he no longer feels human

Everybody judges him and too few care

But there for the grace of God it could be us there

A broken man, with shaking hands

They found him one day in his home, a cardboard box

This old drunken spirit soaked fop

Laying passed away, tragically one day

No one attended his funeral

And he was cremated and his ashes scattered

As if he had be thrown away

Now nobody, knows or cares where he lays

And it such a sad waste

Of what was once a beautiful life

When he was first born

I am sure he was loved and adored

And that once beautiful light

Has now flicked and gone

And no. Matter what happened

I cannot see that, that is right

It’s such a tragic waste of life.

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