I will just hold you until the pain fades away

You need healing

You’re in need

I don’t mind if you turn to me

I will soothe you the best I can

Hold you tight and try to understand

A way to help you through

And if all else fails, I’ll just hold you

I will say nothing at all

If it helps I will just listen and promise to hear you

This may just help to heal you

I will let you cry it all out

Help you through the grieving pain of a broken heart

I know how that feels, I’ve been there myself

And nothing I can say that will help

So I’ll just hold you and give you all the love that I can

Share my warmth with you as a friend

And if that helps you through

I will be there for you

For through it all, you are beautiful

And the light and love I see in you

It’s worth fighting for

And one day I hope your smile

I can help to restore

Along with your faith in other people

Though at this moment you’re far to raw

To the pain that somebody wrought on you

But if it helps I will hold and care for you

Until you are healed and restored

And your spirit is shining again, as it did before

Because believe me when I say

You are beautiful

And as such you deserve, so much more.

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