Various shades of skin

Are you your sex?

Or are you your spirit?

Does it even matter

How other people perceive you?

Surely being authentic

In a world that’s so fake

Is more important

In this day and age.

Why justify your being

Your very existence

Are you seeking attention?

Is this what this is?

Who cares about your sex

Your colour, your class

Who care what others think

We are all unique works of art

It’s more important how you are inside

Then how you externally appear

We have to work on the self

And discover our true nature

We have find who we truly are

And what we want to be

And discover within our own potentiality

The external is just a front

It’s just various shades of skin

Why be so obsessed by how it’s defining you

You are a spirit of energy and light

Hone what’s within and you become a spirit

Of immense power and might.

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