Desire and fantasy

I see your chest rise

And hope it’s in passion

The heaving of your bust

Shows your desire and your lust

But I as a gentleman

Take nothing for granted

I just glance at you

And fantasise of making

My advances

But also I am to shy

Though I wish to kiss you

Passionately on the lips

Spin you round bend you back

And kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before

Thus ensuring that you struggle to catch a breath

And breathing heavily

As I whisper sweet words in your ear

I hear you murmur silently

I tell you that you’re mine

And I aim to take you wildly

Strip you down and make sweet love

To you right there and then

And you succumb to me right there

As I show you my stealthy sexual acumen

But then I am back to reality

Staring and admiring from a distance

Hoping that you give me some hopeful or blatant sign

For I am too much of a gentleman and also far too shy.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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