Stop the hurting

We need to stop the hurting

Stop the violence and the hate s

Stop the discrimination

Colour, sex and faith it does no matter to me

Why should it bother anyone

But a simplistic idiot fool

Who’s insecure, nobody is different from me

We are all one big family

We are all part one one race called humanity

Just stop the hurting

It’s obvious that waging wars is not working

Why would it anyway its stupid think this way

For those you kill are soon replaced

You cannot use a gun to change a faith

And shooting someone for the colour of their skin

Is an absurd way of thinking

So just stop with all the hurting

It’s plain to see this way of life’s not working

We need to change the way

Society thinks today

And learn to live life in a far more peaceful way

Learn to live life in a positive display of hope and love

And stop the hurting

Because living in unity and developing harmony

Could mean things may start working

And things will surely improve

Happier and fairer days for me and you

Equality will be defined in all we do

And there will be no need for any hurting

And when this becomes societies norm

We will know the world of love and peace is working.

7 thoughts on “Stop the hurting

  1. Oh cool. I’m certainly open to mass love and peace in the world. That’s why I’m so happy my beloved foster mother encouraged us to allow love and peace to begin within ourselves, then with every breathe share it with others.

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