Fantasy games

She sat speaking on the phone

Short tight skirt

And tight vest top

Long legs outstretched

Whispering words of intimacy

To the person on the other end

Telling him I am touching myself

Thinking of you

Do you find that kind of rude

The reply made her laugh

As her hand slid between her tanned thighs

Stimulating her essences

And so badly up for this

Heavy now was her breathing

As her supple breasts were heaving

Her back arched and she began to writhe

She started moaning and longingly sigh

Felt the warmth flowing inside

Hips were bucking as he told her more

About what for her he had in store

She was urging him on with passion

Lifting her top exposing her bosoms

Running her hand over her tummy

Up and over massaging roughly

Be for thrusting her hand down

Into her skirt she cried out Erotic sounds

Suddenly her heart felt as though

It was truly about to explode

And in that moment her body did

And she let out a desperate scream

Of love and lust and sensuality

As her being exalted a massive release

Of frustration and of need

She was pleasured intimately indeed

And after putting down the phone

She was breathing erratically

As if a tsunami had ripped through her

She asked her husband had he heard

While sitting there watching her

He said he heard every word

And though it may sound weird and perverse

He took her there and love to her

And promised that very soon

It would be the other man if she wanted him too

And they both know she wanted too

As her husband did too

But that was another game for another day

But in this moment

They would let this fantasy blaze a trail.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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