I seek to be me

Consciously created imagery is all I need

To inspire my own style of poetry

Touching on many different form

And layer of my own spirituality

I don’t seek approval though I appreciate it

Gratitude shown is the key to this

I could never let my ego dictate anything

I stay humble as I consciously live

In a state of awakening

From dawn to dusk

Always seeking to spread the word of love

I don’t think this can get boring

Of love we can not get enough

And seeking ways to find peace

Finding solutions to violence and hatred

Of this I find no need

As I let my ink flow as if I bleed in sympathy

For subjected to war and death

Those of a stolen breath

My poetry seeks to highlight this

It would be shameful and remiss

Not speak out about the wrongs in life

To try and offer people some hope of light

I think of their suffering day and night

Yet I still see the beauty in spite of this

I still dream of two lovers first kiss

I still dream of reaching for the stars

And partying all night is cosmic bars.

My imagination has little bounds

And maybe some disapprove and some my frown

Some say I write like an illiterate clown

But hey who cares when I am getting the words down

Spilling my ink upon the page

In peace and love in conscious ways

All I try to do is resonate in any way

With those who choose to read my poetry each day.

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