People of toxic offerings

Could you ever trust a person who mistreat animals?

I don’t think I could at all

Could you ever trust a person who hates other for the colour of their skin?

I don’t think I could stomach their ignorance

I know of no people that treat animals badly

But I have racist friends and family

It’s hard to hear what they say

It’s hard not to get angry

But I simply employ my intelligence

And that seems to be too much for them

But I could not even speak to a person who carries out animal cruelty

I would have to shut them down

Walk away and turn my back on them

I can’t be around anyone like them

Yet because I find racism an appalling stance

And their toxic are words of ignorance

I choose also not to be around them

There are so many things that define us as human

And those who lack kindness of the heart

Those who tear our society apart

Those who proffer violence and hate

I’d rather not be in their space

Breathing the same negative air

Accuse me of being judgemental

I really don’t care

Heinous people who act and say heinous things

Only have toxic offerings

And I’d rather not have them in my life

But if they change their ways Nd views on what’s right

I will welcome them back with open arms

For turning their backs on causing harm.

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