Ritual of life

Perform a ritual of life

The frequency of manifesting light

The vibration of cosmic design

Is everything that defines our souls

How can we not know

That our past is ancient and old

Over many past lives we are bold

And we seize and take control

Rejecting all we are told

Because we know it’s just not true

For the love in me and you

Is elemental in truth

We can learn to be happy

Through resonating light

And manifesting peace

Turn our backs on societies

That promote hate suffering and pain

But we know it doesn’t have to be this way

Some say it’s part of human nature

I take issue with that belief

And break away and seek release

In the solitude of grace and harmony

Borne from the conscious awakened mind.

2 thoughts on “Ritual of life

  1. Acceptance is prior to judgment. To skip to judgment is to not to connect first. If separation comes first, connection is not tenable. The starting point is acceptance. Experientially test it out. Belief defines itself by a lack of testing.

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    1. It’s about acceptance of self and who we are, no judgement is required just self discovery of the conscious mind that leads to awakening, that leads to seeing the truth in all things.


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