Intuitive life

We live day by day

On a wing and a prayer

Making it all up as we go along

You can make a plan

But as soon as you do

I can guarantee

Something will go wrong

Short term goals

Are good and work

Have a big picture

Of what you want to achieve

But then you need to live your life intuitively

Because everything in life

Is fluid and changing

Everything we try

Is always in a mix

All that we hope for should be amazing

No good dumbing down all of your dreams

Set the bar high

And set yourself targets

But if it doesn’t work

Don’t get disheartened

Stay on the front foot

And roll with the changes

Don’t get to stressed

Nothing stays the same

And you cannot control this

Live your life intuitively

Remain in your mind free existentially

Don’t label or box yourself

Or you will be restricted

Open up your eyes and mind

So you don’t become constricted

Live your life intuitively

Roll with the changes

Life is fluidity

Don’t go thinking

You’ve got it all planned out

Life doesn’t work like that

Of this there is no doubt.

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