Mind garden


Your mind is a garden

That requires maintenance

It needs a lot of love and nurturing

This will ensure everything blooms

And by tending it well things will be attracted to you

Leave it to go barren and nothing will want to visit

Make your mind horticulturally exquisite

Make it the finest and most beautiful place

Where butterflies of colour flit about the place

A natural wonderland of excitement and stimulation

Filled with imagery and imagination

Lots of unexpected treats and delights

That only ever come from an awakened and open conscious mind

Tend your mind garden with love, light and care

Always put it out there to be shared

Tend your mind garden to be a place of grace and bliss

And I guarantee you will receive an abundance of visits

From those who see the beauty of your mind

And will wish to come and see you and spend some time

Sharing the love and light you’ve nurtured in your garden

Horticulturally exquisite

You can create the best mind garden

If you wish.

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