Even temperament, laid back me

I want my life to be one of halcyon days,

A one of love an quietude

One of even temperaments and moods,

I do not seek to be that person

Who’s mercurial,

Heading always into declivity

Of capricious attitudes.

Peace, love and harmony

This is all I need

To ensure my life is always amazingly happy

I am the type of person, who’s easy to please

I am not the type of person who is defined by greed

And so although I have dreams

I don’t go chasing after them

I adapt my lifestyle to the law of attraction

And coax what I need towards me

By following the signs of synchronicity

And use my intuition and ensure that I stay calm

Because outburst of anger are the cause of stress and self harm

Yes I am very laid back but I know what I need

And it’s not more than what I believe

Is far more than I deserve or can be seen as greedy.

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