Money, greed and society

I live in a society

That ostensibly

Judges us on material things

That feeds on greed

And worships money

Where talking spirituality

Makes people grin

Like you’re some kind of weirdo

A fruit loop or a nut

They would prefer it

If you kept your mouth shut

Like they keep their eyes closed

To the ultimate truth

That only love

Will see us all through

But it desperately clings on

To the crazy ideas

So it roots it’s ideologies

Firmly in fear

One thing becomes potentially clear

Greed and money

Is the only God here

And everything revolves around it

It makes society tick

But soon enough

This society is going to glitch

And everything

That people valued

Will be worth nothing at all

And then the rich and the powerful

Will spend their time feeling small

And everybody else

Who lived based around love and light

Will have the euphoric feeling

Of tremendous delight

And will nurture and nature

Everything that is good

And eradicate corruption

And corporate falsehood

And humanity may well be

Spiritually reborn

And all nations will live in peace

Rather than being war torn.

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