I am arranging

Words that I can be often changing,

In a challenge of poetry that’s blazing

A trail of fire which is flaming

And lighting up the staging

On which I perform on,

As if like a rockstar performing their song,

I rip words out and scream them loud

Like a veracious howl

And in this moment I am in the present now,

Ignoring those who try to distract, calling foul

I Press on regardless in the only way I know how

And when I finish my recitation I take a bow

And hope that the audience scream out loud

Their approval for my poetry I read aloud,

In a hope to get them engaging,

In my performance that I put my self out to recite

And Braving,

The potential ridicule

And the shaming,

To rise to the glory

Of telling a story of the courage we should all show in life.

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