Mighty to nobody superior to none (revisited and reworked )

Mighty to nobody superior to none

You’re our elected leaders and treat us all like fools,

Telling us we can’t demonstrate upon the streets

Poisoning our food, both vegetables and meat

Polluting our environment land, earth and sea,

Corrupting all the young with your xenophobic beliefs,

Then wonder why it is that we get angry.

Wonder why we are fighting back?

Wonder why we are now on the attack?

Maybe its because of the truth you lack,

Millions of our voices you choose to ignore

Even when we shout and scream no more bloody wars,

What will it take, a revolution

I don’t want any of that

but I think it is time for us to take the power back.

Back from those who use and abuse for their own ends

Back from those who hoard the wealth then build barricades simply to defend

All that they have taken,

Which is far more than their share

Far more than their entitled to but do you really think they care.

Taking us on a trip to annihilation

One way ticket to the end of civilisation

And they won’t ever care because by then they won’t be there,

And future generations are going to have to pay the cost,

If we do nothing now then the future will be lost,

So mighty and superior but to who I am asking you?

Mighty and superior to me and you?

Mighty and superior we need to take back power today,

Mighty and superior and live in a better way,

Mighty to nobody and superior to none,

in a world based on love, peace and compassion.

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