Monday feeling

I got that Monday morning feeling

Stuck under the duvet, head is reeling,

Alarm clock is screaming

Quarter past five I should still be dreaming

Please tell me I don’t need to be leaving,

The warmth of my comfy bed

This pillow cushioning my head.

I get up and stub my toe

I mutter all sorts of so and SO’s

And hopping round in one leg

Grabbing my injured toe

I fall back towards the bed,

Yet almost miss it and roll off and hit my head

I grab the draws and do my best,

To get up and get dressed

I am totally now so stressed,

I am not ready to face all this

As I stumble into the bathroom

Brush my teeth and was my face

Stumble downstairs and feed my face

With a cup of tea and two slices of toast

Mondays the day I hate the most

The weekend now seems way to short

Almost a distant memory

Please just let me go back to bed to sleep

Here we go to work again

To the mundane routine.

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