She drank to forget

She drank to forget

She drank to numb the pain

She drank hoping to get drunk every day

It was the way for her to cope

She believed she had no hope

And when intoxicated

She sleep with any man

Who offered her a drink or two

She knew that love was not due

They simply wanted her body

So they could screw

It meant nothing to them

And even less to her

She was drunk most of the time

And had lost hope through and through

She used them for the alcohol

Gave them her body and her dead heart and soul

Emotionless and tired she just lay there

For them to do just what they wished

Often passed out after they finished

But she was known to do this while they were still going

This is a tale of hurt, pain and damage

So don’t judge her too harshly damn it

Unless you’ve walked a mile in her shoes

She is one of life’s lost victims

And now can’t cope with anything

It’s sad to see but that’s the simple truth

She did not know what else she was supposed to do.

3 thoughts on “She drank to forget

  1. This is so poignant! I hate how easily people begin judging others around them, even without knowing their stories. Very well-expressed šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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