Take me at my word or doubt me?

If I look you in the eye

And talk of how I love you

Would you accept that

And buy into it hook, sink and line

Or would take a moments pause

And think I am spinning you a line

Would you consider maybe that my words were a lie

Would take what I said on faith

Or think here we actually go again

As you anticipate the heartbreak

Or will you show your trust in me

Completely and unconditionally

And let me in to your heart to show you my love

I know you’ve been hurt so many times

And everything I say each time I guess you have heard before

And is there anyway I can offer any assurance to reassure

That’s up to you to decide

I can only implore

That I will be the difference

I will give you everything

But once again these are just more lines

So take a leap of faith in me

Take a chance and believe

That’s all I can ask you to do

And believe me when I look at you

And speak to you from a place of truth

That honestly and truly I love you

In the same way I have loved those who went before.

10 thoughts on “Take me at my word or doubt me?

  1. This makes me think… It’s always so hard to believe someone is being sincere, when you’ve been lied to and hurt so many times. This is really a touching and thought provoking poem, Faux. Beautiful, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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