Do it now!

Do this for me

Do that for

Do everything I need

Because I am so demanding

This attitude is alarming

But I face it everyday

These people give me no break

Attention is what they crave

And the need to get their own way

While they do nothing for themselves

And precious little to help

Yet somehow we’re supposed too

Do all this stuff for them

But I don’t remember when

They’ve done anything

For anyone other than them.

Aggravating , agitating

Infuriating, frustrating


5 thoughts on “Do it now!

  1. Do this, do that and do that again. Sometimes in life you can end up being the doer the reliable one that one that will do what ever is needed by others. But sometimes your taken advantage of. Seen as the one that can and will and never refuses.
    If you’re the one that continually asked can you do this or can you do that just take a step back and think.
    Are you becoming lazy?
    Are you taking advantage?
    Are you incapable of doing it yourself?
    Do you not have the skills to do it yourself?
    Are you in ineffective one?
    Are you the one that’s not hands on?
    Are you not the one whose not a team player?
    Are you the one that’s not supportive or helpful?
    Are you the one without the skills?
    Are you the one that’s taking advantage?
    In life being resourceful, independent yet a team player, being helpful to others and going the extra mile, or being challenged to go outside of your comfort zone is and will always be an advantage in life.
    Being an asker rather than a doer can leave you weak, unskilled and totally dependent on others. One day you will regret not being a doer when there is no one to do.
    So take a step back and be a team player and pitch in.
    We only get out of life what we put in, help the doer by doing your bit and you will reap the rewards.

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    1. I am definitely a doer, at home at work and yes people take advantage of that. I still do stuff though because I know if I don’t it just won’t get done. I accept this but what I can’t and won’t accept is being told I don’t do it as quick as they want, while they sit doing nothing. I won’t be told do it now at the expense of all else. Doing stuff while others do nothing is annoying yet I still do it. I get what you say though and appreciate you reading my work and commenting.

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