End of the day

The sun is setting on another day

Another hard grind it’s just the way

I see the colours up in the sky

Pinks and purples, orange all beautiful by design

I sit and watch at this wonderful aspect of life

I see the moon readying itself

To shine a light now the sun has gone down

I am awaiting stars to appear up in the sky

I am awe struck by the up and coming night

And I see amazing things through my sight

And relishing the delight of everything.

Here I sit and dwell on a hillside

And all is well

Meditating on the combining night

Breathing in nature

And breathing out love

Breathing in goodness

Breathing out light

Seeing the universe

Created by my mind

Living this glorious life defined

By the duality of dark and light

Of sunlight and moonlight

Of day and night

It’s time too appreciate this night and life.

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