Equality in the hereafter

We spend our lives in awe

At those who are rich and famous

At those of creative genius

But when we slip off this mortal coil

Do you believe we will be separated

Or even in someway segregated

From these rich and famous creatives

Or as I suspect, do you think we will be in this reality

Sharing the same spiritual realm equally

And so based on this, know once we die we will all be equal

Why do we not seek to live the same way

Respect is due I agree, with those who achieve

But why should we be treated differently in life

Them living in rich social cliques

Us in the poorer tumble down slums of brutality

Some have so little

Others way too much

Some say you make your own luck

But it’s far more than that

The truth and reality is a simple fact

We are all born equal

All in death are equal

So why should that be reflected

Within that life we live in between.

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