Love, the greatest gift given

Love knows no boundaries

It knows nothing of class

Or political persuasion

It knows nothing about colour

And whether rich or poor love bears no relation

Love is everything and everywhere

Love spreads and inspires without a care

And the only way it won’t touch you

Is if you block it out and refuse to let it infect you

Which would be a shame

Because love infuses all we do

Makes us into kinder better people when we choose to share it

And it makes us happier

Puts a smile on our face

But remember when you suffer heartbreak

It’s not love that let you down

It’s that one you put your trust and faith in

If that doesn’t sound too profound

So don’t forsake love

For it will not desert you

Hold on tight and it will show another love so true

Just leave your heart open for love to flow through

And everything will be attracted towards you

Just make sounder judgements

With who you give it too

Because some will use it to abuse you

But that’s not loves fault

Love is like the air we breathe

Without it, we may as well be dead

For we become like zombies

We are just existing

So if you don’t feel love

Then stop resisting

Open up your heart so it can enter and invigorate you

Let love take control over you

And all you do

For love is the greatest gift

That we were even given

So make the most of it while we are still living.

3 thoughts on “Love, the greatest gift given

  1. Beautifully written: “Love is like the air we breathe/ Without it, we may as well be dead”. Thank you so much for sharing love and beauty, for as you said “love is the greatest gift/ That we were even given”.

    Liked by 1 person

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