The Imagery of love


I share with you right now a waterfall of incandescent light,

Shimmering in filigree in a timeless fantastic reality,

Of dreams that are ethereal

Within a ancient forest so surreal

And there is beauty and love there revealed in wonder,

In brilliance that amazes

Takes your breath away,

This is a place you will

Forever want to stay in,

I will share this place of imagery

With you and you will feel the purity of this place

Flowing through and through,

As shimmering reflected lakes

Beckon both me and you

To watch its ripples that our love can infuse

And sit and watch the sunrise golden

Watch it set again as we’re evolving,

Into spiritual essences of peaceful entities

Contented with this fantasy that real

That we created consciously to appeal and to reveal,

Through our being and our light

We put it in our own sight,

To inspire happiness and warm delight

I’ll share this with you because of the love we have is so true

This is my dream I offer to share with you.

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