A night to celebrate

Cloaked figures hide in the shadows

Masked devil’s cower behind rock and stone,

Jesters prance on podium

Kings sit on thrones surrounding them,

Angels hover just above this audience

Poor beggars scream madly making no sense,

Figures in satin and silks in orange and vermilion

Throw around shapes creating images of wordless soundless wisdom

And the fires burn as the moon offers all its light

And this night is a wondrous delight

And the feminine divine dance the dance

Of a Succulent lotus flower art

And their loins give birth to a thousand blossoms

That fall like snowflakes covering everything

And liquor and food fill large tables

As many eat whatever they are able

And then the song of the angels chorus

Rings out above the din and all those who are raucous

And their music soothes these Savage beasts

Until all are finally asleep,

It was a surreal and amazing assembly

Of those who sought the unity,

In the celebration of spirituality

In all its diverse forms

And all of its duality

And from afar there could be heard an impending storm,

But then was that not just the norm,

Whereas this collection of souls was unusual

And not ordinarily foretold

And if they can coalesce like this

Then hope is something that can be relished,

Between the angelic and the devilish,

Between the rich Kings and the beggars who are impoverished

Between angel and demonic souls

That come from ages so ancient and old.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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