Hubris is not my nature

Hubris is not my nature

I like my self to be tapered

Into humility rather than arrogance

If I do anything of significance

I play it down rather than flag it up

Maybe that’s why my success has not amounted to much

I keep my head down but my hopes up high

My feet I always keep on the ground

Ensuring that my heads not lost in the clouds in the sky

Maybe if I pushed myself forward more

I purr rather than roar

Maybe then if I kick down a few doors

That refuse to open

I would achieve a whole lot more

But hubris is not my nature

And that the twist

This whole writing caper

Is making a noise and splash

Thrusting yourself in the limelight

Not hiding at the back

So I might just have to change my ways

And put on a whole ridiculous display

So that people start to read me

And finally get to know my name.

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