I know why I am here

I walk through life smiling

For its one of the few things that I have

I have no money, possessions are few

But I don’t mind I am getting through

I got my kindness and my compassion

I got the inner peace within my soul

I found myself in meditation

And now my life is much more within my control

And now I know why I am here

To spread positivity and debunk fear

I know now that my life is about sharing light

It’s about living in and sharing love.

We need to learn to care

We need to always be there

For those who falter along the way

We need to cherish and save those who may perish

If they are vulnerable and meek,

Because we are one race and one humanity

We are one love we just have to believe

We are everything that we wish to be

Yes it’s that easy, because it’s our story

That we are creating daily.

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