Conspiracy theory or truth

Conspiracy theories abound everywhere

But the truth is perfectly and simply clear

That all those in power politicians, the rich and those of religion

Are all part of one big corporate family

Backed and served by the media through the papers and TV

They are all playing games that end in the oppression of you and me

And if you think when you vote or take political sides

You’re changing society, that’s the biggest lie

And religion plays its part in getting us to conform

Using sin and guilt, this is the norm

They’re all in it together and you would be blind not to see

And the victims as usual is humanity

Dying for their money, paying for their greed,

Raping the planets resources and killing innocent human beings

Devastating our wildlife in the name of power and the right to lead

Carved up into nations all neatly

So we are easier to control and manipulate

Using xenophobia, violence and hate

There is no country, society or any state

Free from their corruption, free from their game.

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