Old man, no shoes, living on the street


Old man no shoes on his feet

Does not know when he next eat

Welcome to our advanced caring society

So easy when you’re living well

Cast upon yourself a spell

Saying things are getting better everyday

I guess you just blind yourself the homeless on display

And they only pose a problem when they get in your way

And living out of cardboard boxes, benches or shop doorways

Does not really touch your thinking or even cross your mind

But how can I blame you when the majority of society

Thinks and acts the same, just don’t go thinking

That things are getting better

That society is progressing when can’t solve this problem yet

The homeless are those that have fallen through the cracks

And there are so many of them

And we seem to lack

The willingness or caring nature to fix them as an act

Of love and compassion to those who may stumble over them

Governments hope that your kindness will take care of them

Temporary fixes like buying them food and drink

In hope to keep them going but they’re still living on the street

And if society was truly interested in helping these people up

They would invest more time and money

And move them to the top of the problem list they need to solve

And as a society with doing this we can never hope to evolve.

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  1. Sadly, this is true. People are too wrapped up in themselves to care about others. The problem with our society is that we are too wrapped up in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. I think our society is way too materialistic. They fail to see that material things do not bring happiness. It’s easy to become disillusioned, because of the way things are. Sometimes, even I fail to see the beauty in this world. Well written!

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