So much of what dictates our society is clandestine

Things going on that we don’t know

Games being played that hurts humanity so

So much damage done to the earth through clandestine deals

You think you know how society works

Well believe me none of that stuff is real

It’s all governed by the one percent

The Rothschild bankers and all the rest

Who own multi national corporations

They wild the power refusing to let humanity bloom into flower

These clandestine people with their secret ways

Control society and we as the people have no say

They are not elected,

They us their money to dictate how and what governments

Do, dictating policies that hurt me and you

Because its all about the power, all about the greed

If government doesn’t give these people what they need

They stop investing in that country

Threaten to bankrupt them and bring that government to its knees

And in its insatiable lust to lead

Governments give the clandestine men anything they need

They sell their souls for the money

And sell us all down the river to achieve a materialistic society

Where people care for nothing but themselves

And sustaining their own levels of corruption based wealth.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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