Gothic Queen

Dark shadows in the Gothic hall

The Gothic Queen has us in her thrall

I somehow am not fearful at all

But dank wet atmosphere makes everything unclear.

Humid as it is the water runs down the walls

Like tiny rivulet waterfalls

Sparking in the candle lights that surround

I can hear a heavy pounding sound

There is remnants of blood spilt on the floor

Then behind the great iron wrought doors

The queen appears in subdued phosphorescent light

And she was a dangerous but beautiful sight

She was a sight for sore eyes

Yet I dared not stared in fear she would strike me blind.

She said I had a choice

Choose death or succumb to her

I barely found my voice

But when I did I said I’d choose to serve her

Not because I fear death but because I was in awe of her

And she seemed to like this

I saw her eyes as they lit

Nobody she said had been that audacious before

And I vow to do anything she needed

I would be her servant believe me

But instead she made me her male form of concubine

From that day we both lived wild

From that day I knew

That life would never be the same

But with this I had issue

I was serving the Gothic Queen

This dark and dangerous dream

I was servicing the Gothic Queen

And she devoured me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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