Magical life

Close your eyes... Feel the light shining brightly in your heart. Expand it, and beam it out to all living things!

Manifesting in the ether of an old mystic temple

A tree grew in iridescent filigree dropping leaves eternally

Growing mysteriously never being seen differently

I see birds, white doves glistening, they are nesting within the tree

Creating sweet song and resonating sounds like a symphony

Astral dreaming, comic believing, is this real? or is it fantasy?

Like a lullaby shimmering in a turquoise haze.

Look and you can find these places to escape to

Illuminating and amazing to to meditate to

Frequencies rise when manifest and meditate in this place of bliss

Ethereal promises and a conscious universal kiss, such solitude as this.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

13 thoughts on “Magical life

  1. Recently i started out on my journey with Reiki and i began doing a bit of self healing and wow i feel a bit more warmer its amazing

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  2. Enjoyed this and loved the photo! Reminds me of the LOTR and the White Tree of Gondor. I wish there really were magical places like this, but the closest we get is a soft falling snow. Everything seems quiet and enchanted.

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