Pyroclastic blow

You washed over me like the most power tsunami

And gave me reason to fall and immerse myself fully in your love

And for a time it was the best moment in my life and time

You filled joyously my heart and mind

But then you destroyed it with a pyroclastic blast

You tore my mind and blasted my heart apart

It was so complete, cold and powerful

I had no opportunity to exercise self control

I spun into a whirlwind of hurt and pain

Felt it repeating in my mind over and over again like groundhog day

And laid to waste how was I to regain

Any true semblance of myself again

But somehow in the darkness among the devouring clouds

Of misery where I was lost but then found

As I connected with my spiritual self

Used my chakra understanding to repair my mental health

Then used reiki to heal my body and soul

Found some warmth in tis to banish the cold

Found the strength to let go

Of the pain and hurt that had taken control

But I was now back and in love with life again

And this brought light back and the darkness faded away

And this allowed my to build and grow

Into a restored and glorious spirit resonating in a golden glow.

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