Stranger in a paradise place

In a land faraway

Oriental spirituality is displayed

Through how they tend what’s all around

Mountains, trees, bushes, plants and the ground

They use their inner most frequency

To transform in to various things around we see

And nurture, heal and communicate

To help all things thrive and grow in this place

A monastery on high looks over all this grace

People go to it and meditate to protect and not waste

All this life giving beauty

All this to hold back the illusory

That we believe to be reality

But we live life dictated and guided by imagery

Imprinted on our sub consciousness subtly

And through this programming we believe what we’re fed is real

But it lacks life true appeal

That you can achieve, develop and reveal

When you reconnect with your inner power

With you conscious mind and soul glowing in luminescence

And when we manage to transcend to this state

And find ourselves in this beautiful place

We realise just what we can achieve

The the power of self mastery

And how when we focus all of our energy

We can assist nature and all things

Through the touch of our fingers

Through using our caring and love

We can stimulate so much

Wonder and amazement all around

By being firmly rooted to the ground.

I sit watching the mirror like stream flow

And let all my worries and stress go

I sit on the beautiful ornate bridge and watch the playing on the fish

In this valley I am mesmerised by waterfalls

And see the misty spume rain down on all

I wander this place of beauty and grace

Full of peace now mindful in state

This fair place I appreciate

And to it I try to ingratiate

Myself upon its divine and heavenly estate

In a hope that I can dwell and stay

Here forever in this paradise of dreams

And live out an eternal existence spiritually.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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