Eye reflect the mind

All eyes she what they will,

See what they create

Whether it be what they like or what they hate

For the eyes mirror the landscape

Of your mind and how you are defined

Some see beauty in murder and death

Others see these things and get upset

Some see beauty and feel so blessed

Other just see this and treat it with contempt

Some see people as individual and as beautiful one and all

Some see colour and those different from them and decide to hate them all

Eyes and what they see defines you

You look and see that’s ugly

I see all that’s beautiful

You see a weak as something to abuse and exploit

I see weakness and needing help and love to cope

Our eyes reflect our mind and act as windows to the soul

I can look in a person’s eyes so deep and see love and fall right in

I can look in another’s persons eyes and see hate which is revolting

Think about what you see and choose to create and perceive

Because what you see ultimately decides if you are miserable or happy.

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