Near death vow

She prayed each night

For a sign that life

Would improve her lonely plight

Night after night

She prayed and prayed

Until she heard a voice one day

It asked to be invited in

So he could offer her a blessing

And when she did she felt regret

As she felt cold hards around her neck

And as she gasped and fought for breath

This demon from the hellish depths

Throttled her very life essence out

And as she was fading from sight

She closed her eyes and prepared herself

And vowed to live God in this life and the next

When the hands around her neck went loose

And as she viewed around the room

A bright sight and a figure of iridescent light

Stood over the demon that was no longer alive

Slain by this angel with a lightning whip

A crack and flash of light had done the trick

The lifeless demon had been parted in two

From devilish head to twisted toes

The wretched creatures life of woe

Was now at an end.

The angel turned and looked at the woman

And words filled her head without it uttering a sound

You, when very close to death vowed your allegiance to God

And this is something God does not forget

You may have thought you were forsaken

But in the end you were mistaken

But know that signs of a better life

Are everywhere, if you look they’re rife

Stop depending on divine intervention to improve your lot

You have a life and free will thanks to God

Now go look and discover all you need

Be the light and the love for all to see

Sow hope, kindness and compassionate seeds

And you will the reap the life you need

You only get out what you put in

When desperate the demons will trick their way in

So be cautious in all you do

And know that God is always within you.

The angel left fading away

Leaving the woman going over what it had to say

The demon was gone

And now she was alone

What to do now she could not say

But she would now endeavour to make a change

And go finding the signs that would bring about for her a new age.

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