Journey to destinations unknown

Journey to destinations unknown

I soar into the universe

On a journey to destinations unknown

And as I leave, I see a tear in your eye

As I wave you goodbye

To destinations unknown,

So let the good times roll

As I head off on an astral flight,

Yet never mind where I travel and what new universes I go

I still see you waving goodbye to me

And if I had my way I’d have taken you with me

But you were not ready,

You just did not have the faith or belief

To join me on my journey to destinations unknown

And I can see you now in my dreams,

Thinking and wondering what’s happening with me

Not understanding the cosmic travelling,

Taking me among stars and quasars

Riding comets and asteroids through star field nurseries,

Weaving my way through celestial bodies

Drifting through asteroid belts

Chasing shooting stars across the multiverse matrix,

Communing with alien friends I meet and greet

On this journey to destinations unknown

But I want you to know I have not deserted you

One day I will come back for you

And share the love of destinations unknown

Of which I will be able to prove to you are true

And amaze you and take your breath away in truth

As I offer up the universe in all its glory,

To show you how much I love you

As we travel those destinations unknown,

Together forever and for eternity.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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