The sacred shop

There is a shop I know

That sells sacred things

Dazzling sparkling

Sacred things

It sells potions and vials

For alchemy

Items of intrigue and curiosity

This shop sells sacred

Beads and jewelry

But it also sells

Sacred mysterious things

That behind a curtain

In a dark candle lit room

Reveals itself to you

As if you were in a dream

It’s breathtaking

And awe inspiring

It takes you by suprise

And makes you open

Both your eyes and your mind

As you come to realize

The truly sacred thing in life

And if you care to know

Then please don’t ask me why?

But I can’t tell you what it is

You have to see it

If you’re to believe it

So search it out for yourself

The sacred shop

Selling sacred things

Dazzling and sparkling

With the most mysterious

Thing you’ll ever see.

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