Verbal dexterity

I find people often worship at the feet of those

With great literary abilities

These people who posses amazing verbal dexterity

And are advanced in profundity

And speak with a verbosity

That makes others convinced that they are academically and worldly intelligent

But I read between the lines and hear every word they say

And find myself amazed that despite all of this

They still have the capacity to chat utter shit.

(Sorry verbal diarrhoea, but that didn’t rhyme lol)

9 thoughts on “Verbal dexterity

  1. there’s this quote I learned growing up, “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit…” hahah… I wish I was as smart as ppl tell me I am… I like to read that’s about it…my use of olfactory doesn’t mean I am a genius… lol.. I love this…

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  2. People often hide lack of depth with verbal acrobatics, which is a shame; such a waste of creative energy that would otherwise better be used in authenticity

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