Darkness creeping

The dark is threatening to consume

It’s creeping in subversively

It’s spreading just like a disease

With the felling of every tree

And the polluting of every sea

The darkness malevolently creeps

Like a canker and is like a carbuncle

On our earth destroying our ecology

Eating away at nature and festering

And to all of us that care it is distressing

Seeing the darkness creeping in

And preternaturally destroying beauty

And systematically hacking and burning

Leaving nothing but smouldering embers

And the pain and loss we remember

And it spurs us on towards creating change

For the sake of earth and its name.

12 thoughts on “Darkness creeping

  1. There are so many amazing people around the world, teams, solo, etc. Whom are fighting for Mother Earth’s survival! It is a tender balance to correct the problems. And overwhelming as well. Thank you FC! Shine on an on…

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  2. Yet another Passion write! FC, my ex was in the Navy for ten years(USSCarlVinson70) what is being dumped into the oceans is horrendous, and will have lasting effects! Even Space…tons of debris since the 1950s.It goes on and on doesn’t it?
    Where will it all end? Unfortunately, the end has long begun. And there are over 7billion of us to do our part…those of course who are able. Bravo to your commitment to bring forth these important subjects.E everything is such a mess!

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