Fear is installed


Fear comes from a ignorant place

Fear comes from a negative state

It’s taught it’s not a natural state

We know in life there are dangers that will come our way

We need to k ow and understand them and respect they are a part

Of living this life of living in this world

But knowing and respecting them

Means we can give them a wide berth

And this stop us getting hurt

Confronting these things to combat fear

Don’t make sense and is kind of perverse

In the Art of War it says you have to know when to fight

And when to walk away

Wise men follow this but fools they just die

For what? A heroic life?

Your often forgotten as soon as you died

Leaving a mark means surviving

And making a difference

Writing stories with use of your intelligence

Showing how to side stepped danger and did not fear

Because you saw things wide eyed and clear

You know when to get involved and when not too

Because you understand what is ultimately true

The only thing to fear is fear itself

And understanding dangers is good for your health

Use your intelligence to bring about change

Rather than trying to do it the violent way

Win over the hearts and minds of all those you meet

Walking away and dodging things defines you as strong not weak

Having the courage to live rather than dying bravely

Is a harder option

Because all you’ve been taught since you were born

And what you learnt at school

They conditioned you to fear so that they could gain control over you

Fear is their tool and it has no effect on me and you

Because self belief and love conquers all.

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