Life’s to short

Trouble with today everyone takes sides

Everybody increases the divides

All going extreme no one takes the center ground

It has become like no man’s land

All the brightest and rational folk

Who would normally fill that void

Have taken refuge to escape the hate

And the brutality of what has become our states

There are no visionaries and no leading lights

Just hateful greedy men all looking for a fight

No wonder this world is in such a mess

All this craziness has to be addressed

Expose all those who use constant lies

Accuse everyone else of being fake all of the time

And those who are so pc they’ve stopped us speaking our minds

Constantly fear g we will offend some one all of the time

We need to get back to being what we do be

Living, caring, and being compassionate

Offering to share and just being friends

Because after all life is just too short in the end.

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