Lucky guy

I saw two cyclists the other day

Both dressed in lycra and happy in every way

I saw how his hand explored her perfect butt

And I smiled to myself that physicality in love

Is as important as connecting in the mind

His girlfriend was a blonde beauty and so well physically defined

I could not blame him for always aching to touch

I wondered if for him it mire live or lust

But either she didn’t seem to mind

She seemed happy but with a different set of mind

She was not responding back in the same physical way

Maybe she liked him touching her like this in public that way

Seeing how the people around seem to envy him

She stayed stately like a queen

As though she knew she was good to the touch

She had it all going on and was really to much

Good luck to him I thought what a lucky man

And the rest who saw would have to drift off in dreamland

To image just how lucky he is

Sweet to touch and heaven to kiss.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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