Tortured wreck


Give me passion over anything

Give me fire to burn my senses

Give me the desire to feel raw

Sometimes it’s hard to take much more

I am not the academic rational

I am the type to feel and boil

Emotionally yet I keep this all within

Externally many seem to think

I am such a laid back type

They get played by my own hype

I put across this persona

For reasons I am not even sure

Because the real me is like a volcano

Often ready to explode

But my mindful practice keeps it in check and under control

I believe this practice is good for the soul

But man how I would just live to let go

Let everything just simply flow

But I am unsure of the results

I think self destruction and falling over the brink

Would be what follows as I crash and burn

Forgetting lessons I have learnt

So maybe it’s best I keep it bottled up

But there is so much about this world that is fucked up

That makes my passion burn and boil

And my need to live and be loved so hard and deep

I am like a tightly wound coil

That lives frustrated that I can not find an out

That I can’t express myself without

Because vocalising makes me seem so dumb

As opposed to when I write it down

People think I am not so bright

Hey and maybe they got it right

But I don’t profess to be intellectually blessed

Maybe that’s why I am an emotional passion filled tortured wreck.

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