Why people choose to die


People have their reasons to die

They have their reasons to choose suicide

Some don’t like to hear and choose to hide

Away from these thoughts preferring to be blind

So many reasons and so little time

It’s all concocted within the sub conscious mind

It’s a maze of light and darkness

A complicated swathe of kindness and harshness.

So many reasons for an existential crisis

Manufactured out of thin air or developed deeply

Within our deep psychosis.

Often we develop issues within our own ideas

That stems from induced conditioning

That prays on all of our flaws and fears

Truth is no one can know why people choose to die

Or choose the reasons for suicide

It’s so unique and complicated

Sometimes based on self hatred

Sometimes based on self loathing

At times it’s just about being tired of this world

Who truly knows why people choose to die

Maybe they see some truth or end up believing some lie

That leads them down the road to suicide.

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