An observer of you

I watch you move

I watch you glide

I watch you laugh

I watch you smile

Should I approach

Or just observe

I love your beauty

And your curves

I love the warm your form flows

I like where your mind goes

I live your independent ways

You’re existential in every way

I watch and love how you express

I love the style in which you dress

Classy yet sometimes short

And often tight

As if your body needs to be highlighted

I watch you study

I watch you work

Success is what you deserve

I watch and wish that I could kiss

Those glossy tempting lips

I watch and admire your grace and bliss

There’s not a moment of you that I want to miss

I love the fact that you are free

Like a bird of flight in tranquility

I’d never cage or control you

That would be the worse thing that I could ever do

Because when you fly you shine bright

And you light up every inch of my life

So I sit and simply observe

And dream of me an you

I know its absurd

But the thought you may not want too

Would truly end me and leave in a world of hurt.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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